As a not-for-profit organization we rely heavily on funding to sustain and develop our programs. Last year, more than 97,000 lives were changed through our programs, which are provided free of charge in 36 communities across Ontario.

Our peer support programs are what distinguish us from every other mental health service provider in Ontario. They allow individuals to “Talk to someone who has been there.” Our impact is far-reaching:

  • 12,610 people attended our 54 peer support and recovery groups across Ontario
  • 62,700 people visited our website for information
  • 2,400 people called our toll-free warm line to talk to a peer
  • 887 families and young people received clinical support
  • 660 people attended an individual peer support session
  • 342 attended our webinars and workshop presentations

Your donations will enable us to continue this important work.

2015-2016 MDAO Annual Report